Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Knew?

A few of you have commented on how much you like my blog recently and I gotta say, I'm shocked people actually read my silly ramblings. Most of the time, my writing is more of a cathartic thirty-minute 'getaway' rather than something intended to entertain others. I've kept a journal/diary off and on since I was little. Remember those cute little Dear Diaries that had a lock and key? Turns out those weren't too hard to pick. I found that out when my stinky brother Cody and his friends started reading it aloud and laughed hysterically while I screamed and cried for him to shut up. My deepest, darkest secret revealed: I had a crush on Casey/Dustin/Jimmy/Clint/Willie or whoever it was that week.

I like to think my journals have evolved since then. I wrote throughout high school about proms and fights and more crushes. Nothing terribly deep in comparison to real life these days, but Ohhh they were my MOST treasured thoughts! Sometimes I couldn't go to sleep until I got all those gems out of my head. College days, I didn't write much. I was too busy working and going to school and keeping up with my cheating boyfriend. But then when I was deployed, I kept every letter I ever got and those became my journal, a journal of everything that happened when I was gone.

Now that the kiddos are the center of my universe, I journal about them. Each of them have their own journal and I try to write in them about once a month. Funny things they say or do, challenges, triumphs, my feelings for them at that particular moment. Mostly, I do it for myself, so I won't forget all the little details that seem to melt away as new years come and they become different people than they were the day before.

So I'm flattered that so many of you enjoy my writing. Kind of makes me feel the need to up the ante just a tad. All the same, I put a lot personal feelings out there for all the world to see. As my blog is rightly titled, this is me now. I'm glad you all dig it.

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