Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog-tastic Tuesday!

Aaaand what's the topic of the day? Politics!! I know, I know. When you see something with the suffix '-tastic' in the title, you don't automatically jump to politics. But that's the beauty of Blog-tastic Tuesday! I get to write about something outside the Carli box. And for those that know me well, politics is waaaay outside my box. I hate them. With a passion. I vote, but rarely as an educated voter. Which brings me to the catalyst behind this post.

It's already happening. We're coming up on an election year and we are already bombarded with the political circus. This morning I was watching my favorite morning ritual, the Today Show, and there was an expose' on Mitt Romney in the first 30 minutes. The FIRST thirty minutes! I wonder how much he paid for that?? I listened to the interview and I thought, sure, I'd vote for him. Then I realized just how shallow my opinion was and how easy my approval was won. Lame. I'm like a political prostitute. "Sure, you've got my vote. Oh and so do you! And you do too! Sure, why not?!"

During the last election I legitimately tried to educate myself. Now I didn't go watching CNN for hours but I did Google the heck out of the candidates. Basically they all said the same thing. "I can fix all the nation's problems. All other candidates are incompetent." How in the Hades are we supposed to choose a President when they all argue and backstab and spin headlines and point fingers and make promises and have love-children with maids and gay sons in the closet?

It makes my head spin! It's no wonder I've never held interest in it before. It's a circus but not the good kind. And it makes me sick the amount of money they spend to get our votes. If they all just told the truth and said what they would really do for the American public, all that money could be spent on, say, education? Public safety? The economy? Job placement agencies? If they all just told the truth they wouldn't need millions and millions of dollars and an entourage to make themselves look good.

So that's why I've never been interested in Politics. When I feel uneducated or ignorant, I think about the fact that I choose to be that way. They can wear all the American flag pins they want but at the end of the day we still don't know who they are. If being uneducated and ignorant means not being subjected to their Oscar-worthy speeches, then I'm okay with that. (This is where I fold my arms and give an authoritative head bob)

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