Friday, May 20, 2011

When I grow up...

When I was in 4th grade, I signed autographs for my classmates and told them it would be worth something one day because I was going to be a famous country singer. When I was in junior high, I went with my aunt to a Take Your Daughter to Work Day and sat in her cubicle doing "fun" data entry stuff and thought...Yeah! This would be so much fun! Then when I was in high school I decided to be a psychologist. Like maybe I could cure all my fellow crazies out there.

But as the story goes, I joined the National Guard to pay for college to become the thing that I wanted to be except by the time I actually got to college and had all the opportunities in front of me...I had NO idea what I actually wanted to make a career out of.

Eight years, a deployment, one kid, one husband, and seven majors later, I STILL didn't know what I wanted to do! I took countless Intro To _____ classes exploring different options. I changed majors according to job markets, my own tastes, and which ones didn't require Calculus. And somehow I managed to get a Bachelor's Degree in....wait for it.....Interdisciplinary Studies! Wait, what? Yeah. It's a degree in nothing and everything, but really it's a degree in two different majors. Mine is between Education and Physical Fitness. Funny thing about having half a degree in two things - you can't actually DO either of them professionally. Go figure.

While my degree did get me a professional job as an Program Support Assistant, this was NOT one of my dream jobs from childhood. Now that my official title is Super Mom Extraordinaire, I find myself thinking about my next career path. I'm in no hurry to go back to work, but eventually the kids will both be in school and I'll be left with some hours to fill. So...if I had it to do allll over again, what would I pick?? Going back to school is not an option right now. That rules out Anesthesiologist. (Those of you that understand my ADD issues realize just how funny that is. Can you imagine?) is something I could pick up and gradually get into on my own. My girlfriend recently told me I should be a Zumba instructor. I like to doing crafts and stuff, but isn't very profitable. . .

Hmmm...well, while my college days are over -and when I say college days I mean the days of having no one to consider but myself- I feel like I can still dream about what I want to be someday. Who knows, maybe I'll become a famous singer after all.

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