Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pros and Cons

I decided, after much introspection, that I, in fact, am not perfect. *GASP* "What? What's that you say, Carli? It can't be true!!"

Yes. Yes it can.

There are definitely things I'm good at; however, the list of things I'm NOT good at is extensive. For some reason, I have a hankering to make a list of both.

Let's start with the cons so we can end on a good note:
1. Cleaning house. Mostly because I hate it.
2. Math. Again, I hate it. Thanks a lot, Mr. Howeth.
3. Listening for long periods of time. Just not gonna happen.
4. Being told I'm wrong. Proooobably not gonna win that battle even if I KNOW I'm in fact wrong.
5. Managing my time. I think this list is a good example.
6. Following through with projects.
7. Multi-tasking. It hurts my brain.
8. Keeping my mouth shut. I am constantly tasting the flavor of my own feet.
9. Losing. Believe it or not, I'm VERY competitive. That's why I never played sports. I hated what they did to me.
10. Gardening. Even my poor Chia pet is losing its oomph.

Okay, those weren't so bad. There are a lot more things I suck at, but I don't want to be too much of a debbie downer.

Things I'm good at. yay! The fun part:
1. Singing.
2. Making people laugh.
3. Creative projects. Unfortunately, see item #6 above.
4. I'm a good motivator.
5. Playing with my kids.
6. Exercising. I don't really know if that's something you can be good at, but I feel like I am.
7. Cooking, when I get the itch.
8. Writing

As you'll notice, there are fewer Pros than Cons. Isn't that just the way we all feel about ourselves? It's so easy to pick out things we don't like. I didn't even TOUCH my own body image issues! Phew, that would have been another list entirely!

I guess I feel like this list warranted being made because I'm still exploring myself as a person these days. I will have to peruse old journals to see if a similar list exists from, say, my high school years. What would have been on my list then? Cheerleading, talking on the phone, making jokes about teachers, having lots of boyfriends (is that a Pro or a decide).

I bet I look back on this list ten years from now and laugh and think, 'Oh, what a schmuck I was!'

I challenge you to make your own list. Go on, give it a shot. You can do it! You're a great person with lots of your own Pros. Let's hear 'em! See, told you I was a good motivator. ;)

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