Friday, May 6, 2011

Second time around

When Jace was little(er), I had a crappy video camera that took an adapter to be played on tv. It was bulky and constantly needed to be charged. As a result, I just don't have that many videos of Jace before he was 2. I'm kicking myself. For Mother's Day last year, hubby got me a Flip camera. It's tiny, easy to use, one plug and I have instant videos on Youtube and FB. Mia is 8 months old and I already have hundreds of videos of her.
I'm really afraid Jace will get offended one day, just as I did after seeing my oldest sister's baby book overflowing with detail and pictures and mine only half-finished. I was given the explanation that after the first two kids, moms just don't have much time to mess with baby books. I guess my explanation to Jace will be...I didn't know what I had till it was gone.
Holding Mia and watching her do so many great baby things, I relish every minute because I know it's the last time I'll have a baby of my own. I want all her sweet baby moments on camera so I can look back at them and remember her before she grew boobs and started being embarrassed by me. And the only reason I know to do that is because Jace's baby moments just flew by me. Poof. Gone.
It's sad that I don't have more memories I can see on a screen, but I haven't forgotten his baby face. I use that Flip camera just as much on Jace as I do Mia now. It took the second one to help me love the first one even more.

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