Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blogging+coffee+happy kids= Good times, good times

Mia's in her high chair enjoying a puff (little dissolvable treats, not the hashish variety), Jace is content with George and Choc-choc, I've got my highly-sugared-and-doctored-so-much-you-can-hardly-call-it-coffee coffee, and I've got 30 minutes to blog and check FB. There's a voice whispering to're an adult now! You drink morning coffee and watch birds eat seed on your back porch! Congratulations!! But seriously, why doesn't everyone do this??? I can totally see my teen aged nieces sipping Folgers and commenting on the variety of blue jays!
I've definitely settled into some new habits in my "old age". Shea commented that I wasn't nearly as picky about things when we first got married and I agree. But then he said, maybe I've just grown up a bit and have figured out what I like and what I don't like. Hmmm...if my level of pickiness has increased that much in 7 years then I guess I can understand why old women get so cranky when they don't get what they want.
Lately I've been baking and cooking new meals that don't include boxes or "adding water". As mentioned before I started drinking coffee (if you can call it that). I'm not so committed to this new habit that I require a coffee maker. But I have fancy creamer and Folgers Singles. And also mentioned before, we like to watch the birds on our back porch. A fun outing is a trip to the library. And a hectic day is a trip to the grocery store with napless kids. Awww how things change. I like it though.
If this is getting old, then I guess I'm okay with that. But geez, I hope I'm not having mid-life symptoms. I heard the song "Remember When" yesterday and the line "Remember when...30 seemed so old. Now looking back it's just a stepping stone." Kind of got me choked up. I squnched both of my kids and thought about how fast everything changes. It's nice to live in the slow-lane.

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