Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Crap in My Purse

While waiting on a friend today, I started digging through my purse just to see what has accumulated there. I'm not a big purse person. I never spend more than $15 on a purse and even then I keep it for a least three years when I finally break down and buy a new one. When I'm feeling frivolous, I buy one from Target...exactly. So after taking stock of its inventory, I felt like a list like this was just too odd not to share.

Seriously. This is what was in my purse.
1. Caress travel body wash (for those B.O. emergencies??)
2. Empty gum package
3. Hubba Bubba Gum Tape (not empty)
4. Four bottles of nail polish. If you've seen my nails, you would understand why this is so ironic.
5. A pair of socks. I guess you never know when your feet might get cold.
6. Three melted crayons.
7. A feather.
8. Raincheck receipt to Hobby Lobby.
9. A nut or some kind of questionable thing. All I know is it came from a tree.
10. An anklet, probably to make the socks look fancier.
11. A birthday card.
12. Broken pieces of candy cane.
13. A comb. Finally something that belongs in a purse.
14. Seventeen wrappers from who knows what.

What's NOT in there? My wallet. Poor Missy usually has the pleasure of toting it with her in the carseat.

I'm thinking I should clean it out, get a new one. But then, what the heck would be in there? Normal stuff?! Pi-shaw.

So here's a note to random citizens everywhere: If you're bored in the doctor's office, have a gander in my bag. Got dirty-puddle-splashed by a passing car? I gotcha covered. Wanna plant/eat/grow something? I've got your nut/seed/pod right here. Yes. You're welcome.

I mean, seriously. What IS that???


  1. I think my favorite is the feather.

    Was this a gift from Jace? ha.
    That sounds like something I would've done when I was younger... Pick up something disease-laden and give it as a gift to my mother.

    Nice pod, though. When Braylen starts his garden (IF Braylen starts his garden) I'll keep the pod in mind.

  2. Ha, yes it was in fact a gift from Jace, so was the 'pod'. And, bygolly, if he happens to ask about that feather/pod 8 months from now and they aren't there? There will be a fit to be thrown. I get lots of rocks from him, too. But that's where I draw the line.