Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Blog, No Glory

Like most other aspects of my life, blogging is sporatic. A thought or topic comes to me and I think, "Eureka! That would be a good blog." I sit down. I write. But never have I tried to meet a quota. Once a day, not gonna happen. Once a week, maybe. Twice a month is totally doable but not a rule. Sometimes there's a thing or a feeling nagging at me and the only thing I can do is reach for my therapy in the form of a laptop.
Not today. Today nothing is wrong. No problem needs solving. My self-esteem is in tact. My Super Mom powers are stronger than ever.
Today I sat down to blog with absolutely nothing to say. . . .SURPRISE!!! Ha, no, really, I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time here. But seriously, I never expected any of my jibberish to be meaningful, especially not to others. I just thought I would sit down and see where the writing process takes me.
So far? Nowhere.
I take that back. If anything, I sat down and realized I have nothing at odds to complain about. That's an accomplishment in itself. Oh sure, I've got trivial things to complain about-dirty dishes, dirty kids, bad haircut, and so on- and not so trivial things - budgeting sucks, Jace's poor eye is still not well, the car needs to go the shop again, the size of my arse. Yes, I included my rearview in the non-trivial category. Have you seen it? It's out of control!
The point is, if there's a point at all (again, sorry about that), I'm sane today. I be needing zero therapy.
But it is only 7 am. And tomorrow is a new day.

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