Monday, June 6, 2011

No Bra Required

There's an old adage that says dogs and their owners eventually look alike. Well, I think exercises and their 'doers' have the same tendency.

I'm usually a pretty intense person, albeit in short bursts (we've discussed my ADD issues into the dirt, no need to revisit). I like to get in, do the darn thing, and be done with it. But I like to think I do it with gusto. The cleaning I'm always complaining about? Once I finally do it, I sweep in (ha, no pun intended) like an underpaid housekeeper and be done with it. No time to fiddle-fart around, I blogs to write, darn it. Anywho, I'm much the same with exercising. I like to feel the burn, break a sweat, really feel like I've accomplished maximum calorie burn.

In the past I've tried various alternative workouts. Pilates hit the scene and my uber long and lean friend, Kelli, insisted that it's the best workout ever. It suited her. It relaxed her and made her feel even more long and lean. I, on the other hand, with my two feet wing-span, just felt even shorter and squattier than usual and like I'd just wasted 30 minutes of staccato breathing.
Then I tried Yoga...hmmm. For the earthy types, I can see how it would blow their dress up. Me, I kept looking around the room thinking, 'no one's really buying this "tailbone into the earth" crap, are they?'
But for the past few weeks, I've done a boot camp at Lake Hefner. Yeah, now that's something that gets me going! It's charged full of energy. It's a competition to see who won't puke up their cheeseburger (sorry Fer Fer, had to throw that in ;) It lets me relive my glory days as an Army PT Queen. Yes, I even let out a little reminiscent "hooah" at yesterday's camp. It hurts and sucks and rocks all at the same time. And it's something you can walk away from going, "Yeah, that's right sucka! I did it! What? You wanna piece of me?" and then admire the faint hint of definition in your triceps. Good times, good times....
....but's nice to enjoy a different kind of workout. The intensity is exciting and challenging and that's the kind of person I am. Today, though, I played the part of someone different. Today I was a dancer at a barre, a ballet barre, not the topless variety. I felt silly 'lengthening' and 'pointing' and gracefully doing plies and whatnot. But after all the blood-pumping activity yesterday, it was nice to burn some calories without the aid of a sports bra. No sweat, no water bottle even. Just muscles burning and "lengthening".
It was nice, different. Different can be good. Aaahhhh....

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