Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Boys Allowed!

Mia and I are having a girl's day...for the next three days. Big brother is gone to the grandparents' and we are lounging in the floor enjoying the quiet. Well, almost quiet. Mia is 'singing' right now. It's such a sweet sound, though. Who couldn't love that? I think she's just giddy with the excitement about getting to play with bubba's toys while he's out. I would love to jump up and grab the camera but she would see me walk out of the room and instantly start crying.
I found this entry half finished, well, not even half-finished, just half-started. I don't know where I was going with it, though. I was probably finding myself with ample free time since the big kid was out of the house. I've always thought of babies as the more time-consuming species, but honestly, my four-year-old is a much more demanding breed. He talks and talks and needs things, lots of things, and wants to go here and there and doesn't want to go to the places and do the things I need him to go and do. In comparison, he's exhausting! But I love him! So I'm not surprised I decided a girls only day was something worth warranting. Too bad I didn't finish it. Wait, I guess I just did.

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