Friday, December 17, 2010

When will my hair stop falling out? and other random musings

Being at home with a three-yr-old and a newborn allll day without much adult interaction sometimes leads to thoughts that, if spoken out loud, might make some questions one's sanity. It goes like this...
If I stick the passy back in, I might have time for more sleep before George and choc choc.
When will I get rid of this dunlap disease?
Do I want special choc choc or cereal?
Do I feel like getting dressed today?
Which cartoon is less annoying, Yo Gabba Gabba or Dora? YGG, definitely YGG.
I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs. Eh, I'll consider it my winter coat.
I wonder what Tony Danza is doing now that his show is off the air.
"Hold me clos-er, Tony Dannnnn-za"
I wonder what Thing 2 thinks about when she poops. Does she feel ecstatic relief or is it like, crap, again?? (pun intended, shamefully)
I think I'll just start asking Thing 1 "why" all day today. That'll train him.
Hoda is the dumbest name I've ever heard. Paired with Kotbe, it's just ridiculous.
If I pumped breast milk for an hour straight, would that be the same as working out?
I make more messes than I can clean up. What gives?
Hey, I haven't been pooped on or spit up on today. Success!

So it's not surprising that Mr. Me feels somewhat bombarded when he walks through the door. I'm desperate for a conversation that is not kid-oriented and Thing1 is desperate for someone else to play with him.

So if you get a random phone call from me in the middle of the day, throw me a bone and answer and talk about whatever the heck you want to talk about. Trust me, it's welcome.

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  1. Hoda was born in Norman. Tony Danza did some kind of reality show where he taught at an inner city school. Never have watched Yo or Dora.