Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have figured something out about myself. Okay, I figured out a long time ago, but finally have the plums to admit it. You know that old childhood hide and seek tactic that if you close your eyes and stand really still the 'seeker' can't find you? For some reason, I still think that works.
Bills on the counter? Look away! They're not really there. Laundry piling up? It's an illusion, I tell you. And most recently, the scale in the bathroom. If I pretend it doesn't exist, I won't have to step on it for it to tell me I've gained weight. There. Problem solved.
Except my pants are getting tighter and my fat girl undies are fitting again. Blast.
I've noticed this problem before. Like, everyone that knows me assumes I watch American Idol because it was once my dream of being a singer. And you would think, given my cheerleading background, that I would revel in watching shows like Bring It On 1 thru 9. But no. Both of those shows just make me sad. Sad that I didn't follow through with my dream to become a famous country star with a mean Herky. So I avoid it. I turn the channel. Look away. I can't see it, so it's not there.
I realize this is a piss poor way to deal with problems. It's not dealing at all, really. I certainly don't see any results from this method, other than late notices and something I like to call Mt. Laundree'. But what's the alternative? Actually doing something about it? Pshaw!
Okay, okay. I know, I know. Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm an adult and biting the bullet and doing things I don't want to do because they have to be done is part of being the A word. Thank the Lord I'm married to a very responsible, bill-paying adult who has a knack for knocking out loads of laundry in 29 minutes flat. (Seriously, how does he do that?) But all too often he feels the burden and reminds me that I need to step up my game. And I always view this as "constructive criticism". Ha! Pshaw times seven.
Anyway, I guess if I were in a 12-step program, I would be completing step 1. "Hi, my name is Carli and I avoid things I don't like." So what's step 2? Well, in my ongoing weight battle, I locked horns with the scale and told it to kiss my chubby buns. Then I did P90X. But the other areas of my life? Well, I still have to work on them.
But I see them. They are there. No more hiding.

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